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Mystery Scenarios

Murder in the Hill Country

 Wealthy oil tycoon J.G. Hewitt has invited his friends, family, and  business associates for a weekend party at his sprawling ranch in the  Texas Hill Country to celebrate his 60th birthday. Champagne is poured,  dinner is served, and J.G. and his guests retire for the evening.  The  celebration turns to tragedy, however, when J.G.’s bloody corpse is  found in the sitting room the next morning.  It soon becomes obvious  that a number of people had motives to want J.G. dead, but only one of  them is the murderer!  Could it be his wife?  His former business  partner and mentor?  His secretary?  It’s up to you to question the  suspects, unravel the clues, and unmask the killer of J.G. Hewitt…it may  just end up being you

Murder Most English

It  is July 15, 1935. The elderly Lady Edytha Kemp has invited several  close friends and family members to her spacious English estate in  Hampshire for a festive celebration of St. Swithin’s Day. Kemp Mansion  becomes a swarm of activity for a day, including light cocktails, card  games, and dancing to phonograph records until 4:00 arrives, when Lady  Edytha leads her party into the garden to raise a cup of tea and snack on  biscuits. However, the raucous celebration turns to dismay when  Lady Edytha keels over in a most undignified manner. She has been  poisoned! Who amongst her guests is guilty of the dastardly deed? It  could be anyone…even you!

You Dirty Rat-a-Tat-Tat!

It is 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. Prohibition is in full force, and some of the city’s less savory citizens have taken advantage of it by selling booze on the black market. The city’s most wealthy businessman is Johnny Costello, a suave restaurateur who is rumored to have his hands deep in the illegal hooch network. Costello’s powerful grip on Chicago ended this morning. As he was leaving the Drake Hotel, several shots were heard and Costello fell to the sidewalk, killed by an unseen murderer.  Costello’s men have “invited” some of his closest friends and associates to the Stolen Hearts Club in hopes of solving his murder. Johnny Costello’s murderer is in your midst, and it could be anyone…even you

Haunted Homicide

Infamous scientist and inventor Dr. Jacques DeRapier has invited his  friends and family to the spacious and ancient Kirkoswald Keep to a  weekend party to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve.  Kirkoswald Keep has a  reputation almost as big as that of Dr. DeRapier himself, and there are  rumors that its corridors are haunted by vengeful spirits.  To begin the  weekend, a sumptuous Halloween feast has been planned, and as the  guests assemble in the dining room in anticipation, the spooky merriment  takes a foul turn when Dr. DeRapier’s body is found on the floor of his  study in a massive pool of blood, a knife in his throat.  Which of his  guests is guilty of killing their host?  Did the secrets of Kirkoswald  Keep catch up with its owner? 

Deck the Halls with Merry Murder!

It is Christmas Eve, and B.B. Blitzen, president and founder of Blitzen  Toys, Inc., is hosting his annual party for his family members and  employees at his luxurious New York brownstone. An hour into the  evening, the cocktails have been flowing freely and the conversation has  been excited, and everyone seems to be in a festive mood.  The cheerful  atmosphere quickly becomes pandemonium, however, when an explosion from  B.B.’s study rocks the brownstone.  B.B., who was alone in his study  when the explosion occurred, has been killed in the blast, and it  quickly becomes obvious that he was murdered.  It seems like everyone on  the guest list has a motive to kill their host, but which one of them  masterminded this very merry murder? 

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