Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at your murder mystery events?

Murder for Hire events are ideal for parties of at least ten participating guests.  Some of your guests will be the suspects, one of which is the murderer of a non-player character.  One by one, each of the suspects will be asked to introduce themselves, at which point everyone at the party can ask him or her whatever questions they wish.  Throughout the event, certain events will occur (maybe even another murder!) that will move the story along.  When you book an event with us, we will  provide a murder mystery host to make sure things go smoothly, answer any questions you may have, conduct the pacing of the event, and reveal the identity of the murderer at the party’s conclusion. 

Can I be a suspect?

Yes!  All of the suspects are played by guests, even the murderer!  As a  suspect, you will be questioned by the other participants about your  relationship with the victim, your possible motive, and your whereabouts  at the time of the crime. 

Can I play a role without being a suspect?

Yes!  Some characters are friends and acquaintances of the suspects, and  have vital information about them that may be essential to solving the  murder.  These characters are encouraged to mingle with all the guests  and divulge the information they have. 

Do I have to play a role as a character?

Not if you don’t want to. You can interact with the characters as yourself, trying to solve the crime along with everyone else. 

How long is an event?

Generally between two-and-a-half to three hours long.

Are your events appropriate for children?

Since every one of our scenarios comes with a healthy dose of murder, sex, extortion, larceny, adultery, and general tomfoolery, we recommend our events only for those 18 years or older.